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Internationally recognized and highly sought after Visionary Business Consultants (VBC), is a successful and trusted intuitive business consultant, Using proven, strategic and innovative ways to help executives, corporations and small businesses alike succeed. Don Reed Simmons, founder of Visionary Business Consultants is a multi-dimensional intuitive executive consultant working with individuals and businesses of all kinds and in all niches across the globe. “Our passion as, an intuitive executive consultant, is to assist business leaders in maneuvering around obstacles as easily as possible to avoid pitfalls and to ensure not just success but a quality of success,” Don Simmons says. This quality of success is not just measured in how much you make: but the way you make it. It’s important to create valuable relationships along the way. Creating valuable relationships leads to creating wealth with less effort and more joy.

We all have had “gut” feelings and “impulses” about possible business deals, job situations and our personal lives in general.  Many times, unfortunately, business leaders have ignored these feelings and impulses as not logical, possible, or rational resulting in loss of business, jobs, and other opportunities to succeed. In fact, their initial feelings eventually turned out to be correct. “It’s not about being smart” Simmons says, “it’s listening beyond the noise and obfuscation of truth. Unfortunately, people will lie and so will data. We even lie to ourselves, wanting to believe what we already think we know. Having a ‘clear mind’ leads to the “Vision of Right Action.”



Recent studies show that politicians, CEOs, COOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities are turning to business intuitive consultants more and more to gain an edge on their competition. This is nothing new.  It is well known that Ronald Reagan, even as President of the United States, conferred with several intuitive business consultants before major crucial and controversial events. Today, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, John Rockefeller and Warren Buffett (the Oracle of Omaha) have all recognized their importance and have sought out business consultants like Visionary Business Consultants when making significant business decisions.

The internet has changed the landscape of business and the global economy. Communication and business transactions are now conducted at blazing speeds. Making decisions by analyzing data is difficult when time is of the essence and when data is not clearly understandable, is incomplete or is inaccurate. Reinforcing decisions with holistic, professional intuitive guidance from intuitive executive consultants like Visionary Business Consultants can relieve the stress of making important decisions and help your business to not only survive but thrive.




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“Knowledge is Power – Foretold is Forearmed”

Through the course of history, nations, empires, Kings and Queens, military generals and leaders of all kinds had at their access, individuals who were experts the art of “divining”. These intuitive executive advisors were a natural part of any kingdom and were often a whisper away from the leader. They were there to “see the future” before it happened in order to sidestep defeat, loss or disaster.

All respected and successful kingdoms had their trusted advisors, The Visionary who helped The Leader forge the future.

And now, so do you.




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